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Ehline Law Firm PC and Scales of Justice

Scales of Liberty and Justice for All

Ehline Law Firm PC is a California-based law firm founded in 2005 by attorney Michael Ehline (Click Here.) Our clients include seriously injured victims of fatal and catastrophic loss, such as commercial truck and passenger bus accidents and aircraft accidents. We assist home makers, military vets, police a regular, everyday citizens, as well as those working for international corporations, regional and local businesses, and even government workers. We have attorneys across the state, acting of counsel to our firm, as well as several paralegals at your disposal. (Read More.)

From our firm’s inception, we have delivered excellent, professional services, to personal injury clients, by creating a friendly atmosphere for our clients as well as our staff and our confederated lawyers. Each attorney is free to exercise personal initiative to win your case. The results are clear, a team of highly committed, motivated attorneys for your case. Our legal experience and excellence, as well as our out of the box “do or die” attitude have won us large awards and settlements, as well as respect from courts and opposing counsel. It has also earned us long-term loyalty from those individuals we represent.

Day by day, we problem solve, research, and effectively manage cases in a cost efficient manner. We work hard to train and hone our skills as client advocates. We offer a stimulating work environment and “friend and not a file” personality when dealing with clients.

We Have a Go Team Method With Close Client Contact

The work culture at Ehline Law Firm PC is different from many other firms. Instead of hierarchy, associates, of counsel, paralegals, and fellows labor in an environment of learning and comradeship. We try and mentor the less experienced counsel and staff and foster a friendly cooperation. Because we don’t micromanage, we attract those who take initiative and solve problems, rather than worry about them. We are highly flexible and able to assemble counsel from a broad range of practice expertise which can help identify problems and properly your legal needs in an efficient and effective manner. We put our strength, courage and commitment at your side like a large firm, without denying you the personal service that typically only comes from retaining a smaller law firm.

Confidence, Strength and Commitment

Our lawyer are known as experienced and aggressive legal advocates throughout all of Northern and Southern California. This is what most injury clients want and we consistently deliver in future cases, as we have always done in the past. Call for a free consult now and MAX your life!

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